After School Provision

As you know, we recently established an After-School Provision for our children, with the intention of supporting families who require a little more after-school care.

Mrs Rose has been running this club over the past few weeks and I am pleased to say that it has been very successful.  We have had a good number of children attending the club – some regularly Monday to Thursday; some booking in on specific days; and others who have used this facility on ‘ad-hoc’ days – as and when required.

We had initially set this up as a ‘trial’, so that we could ensure that the club was sustainable.  We are really pleased to announce that it is going very well and we will be continuing after Christmas – until further notice.

Our children are enjoying it too!  Here are some of their comments…..

Ted says . . .

“I like the wide range of things that we can do.  I can choose to do things with someone else or do things on my own.”

Mason says . . .

“It is good because I can make cards for people.”

Maya says . . .

“I like it because it’s like being at home. I play games with Mrs Rose too. It is enjoyable.”

Barney says . . .

“I like school but it is different because you can play until your mum and dad come.  I play with lego, catching rugby balls and have time to go on the computer.  I think that it is very good.”

Ethan says . . .

“It’s like my home where I can play, have drinks and relax with my friends.”

Billy says . . .

“I like it because it is quiet and my friends go there.”

Sid says . . .

“Mrs Rose is fun and lets us do our own things to an extent, whilst also keeping us safe.”

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