Fun at the Farm for Oak Class

On Tuesday 11th December, our class visited Queenwood Farm on the Lockerley Estate.  This is part of a new programme of visits to the farm that has been funded by the school and the Sainsbury Group, to help us develop our knowledge and understanding of farming life within our rural community. 

In addition, we have been learning about World War 2 and were interested in finding out what farming was like in the past and comparing this with the present day.

Let us tell you about our thoughts…

“I liked the way that Matt & Alastair described all the machinery.  They were very easy to understand and they made some tricky things sound simple. ”  by Jacob

“I loved the way they showed us the seeds instead of just talking about them.  I enjoyed the trailer ride around the farm and when we visited different fields.”   by Georgie

“I am very grateful that the Sainsbury Group were willing to invest money in our learning.  I learnt about how the ‘weighing bridge’ is used to measure the amount of crops that go out from the farm and also found out about the cover crops.  I was amazed about how the combine harvester was automatically navigated by Russian and American satellites.”  by Sid

We are looking forward our next trip in March.

by Sid, Jacob and Georgie. (Year 5)

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