Wednesday was a busy day learning new moves and dance routines. The children had Holly Hull in during the day, a Zumba Kids instructor. She worked with each class twice, teaching them different dance styles; hip hop, bhangra, soca, salsa and samba were a few. The children then all came together at the end of the day to perform a few routines that they had learnt during the day. The children were full of energy and had a lot of fun.

Charlie, Year R, said, “My best one was knees and toes.”

Mollie, Year R, said, “I had such a lovely day.”

Annabel, Year 1, said, “I enjoyed running around like a horse.”

Florrie and Jessie, Year 1, said, “Our favourite bit was baby shark.”

Erin, Year 3, said, “I love everything about it.”

Lukas, Year 2, said, “My favourite dance style was bhangra.”

Olivia, Year 4, said, “It was really, really, really good. It was amazing. My favourite dance was head, shoulders, knees and toes (soca).”

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