Active and Healthy Week

Last week was our active and healthy week. The week kicked off with our whole school walk to Bentley Woods. We were very lucky with the weather – sunny but with a nice, cooling breeze. The children stopped up at the top for a drink, biscuit and a play around before walking back – 4 miles in total! Thank you very much to the parents who walked with us.


Day 2 consisted of exploring certain Paralympic games – seated volleyball and goalball. It provided an insight for the children as to the skills required to play some of these Paralympic games – determination and teamwork.

Day 3 was a combination of research and teaching Beech class for Oak and Willow Class. They were given an athlete that was unknown to them and they had to carry out some research on the individual. Oak class taught Beech Class some playground games in their session with them, whilst Willow Class taught Beech some games to play in Tri-Golf.

Our team of wonderful Sports Leaders and Sports Ambassadors led Day 4. Plans were slightly changed due to the rain in the morning; however, activities were carried out n the hall. Oak and Willow were first to be led; they played bench ball which resulted in a lot of laughter and many smiling faces. Beech Class were next to go – playing dodge ball and 4 suits. After break, came the whole school treasure hunt – the first one this year! Children were grouped by 1 from each class and had to locate 30 sporting names from various sports. It was lovely to see the children helping and encouraging each other.

What a wet day Friday was! Personal Best came in to lead activities during the day. All classes had a go at tri-golf and the air track, Willow and Oak were taught archery whilst Beech Class were creating a robotic dance. All the activities were a big hit with the children, especially the air track.

Quotes of the week

Alf: I have enjoyed all the games this week because we have been outside getting fresh air and getting healthy and fit.

Ted: I have found it quite interesting because we have never really done sports week like this before. This year it has been more activity based rather than sports.

Keira: Sports week was a good chance to discover sports skills I didn’t know I had.

Lisia: I have enjoyed the week. It’s been really fun. My favourite part was building an obstacle course for Beech Class.

Erin: The walk to Bentley Woods was very tiring but also very fun.

Skye: It was amazing (the walk to Bentley Wood) because we got fresh air and we got to walk in the woods.

Lukas: The sitting volleyball was really fun. The goalball was really hard.

Emily: Goalball was very scary because you didn’t know who had the ball and where people were.

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