Farm Food Chains

On Tuesday 15th January, Willow Class visited Queenswood Farm, our local farm. Within Science, the children have been learning about food chains and sources of food and this visit gave them the opportunity to see the steps of a food chain in action. The children were able to collect a wheat plant from the field and then see it dried as a grain. In addition, we were able to see how the grain can go on to feed the animals. We traveled by tractor and trailer, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

The children are looking forward to their next visit, during the Summer term.


Taking a Step Back in Time

Last Wednesday, Willow Class visited Butser Ancient Farm for the day. They experienced what life would have been like in the Stone Age and what activities they would have been able to do. The children made pots out of clay and cordage out of raffia. They were also taught how to dig for artifacts in an archaeological dig and how to build a wattle fence, using hazel wood. We were incredibly lucky with the weather, having beautiful sunshine all day. All children, and the adults, thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Below are just a selection of photos from the day.